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Curse the troops - they are war criminals. No excuses.

Criticize our troops for fighting this unjust, needless, illegal, immoral war of aggression. THey have killed many thousands of inncocent people. All for corporate war profits, oil, the Israel lobby, and for their military salaries and benefits. Their excuse of "just following orders" is a worthless excuse for their war crimes. The same excuse Hitler's nazi soldiers used after world war 2. No wonder the world hates us.

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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD

Homelessness in Baltimore

While Mayor Sheila Dixon promises to end homelessness in Baltimore over the next ten years, recent events point towards a "solution" of displacement and criminalization. This morning (12/14), the city fire department evicted the tents and shacks along Guilford Ave. near I-83 which had been serving as makeshift homes for dozens of Baltimore residents. Told only the night before that remaining in their homes would be cause for arrest the next morning, today's incident is the latest in a string of similiar incidents in the Baltimore area. In September of this year, the ACLU won a partial victory against the city of Elkton, which had bulldozed, without a warning or warrant, a homeless encampment there. This summer, the ACLU also registered objections against the Baltimore Downtown Partnership, a semi-public agency whose security forces, threatening to throw away their possessions, cleared a group of homeless people from under I83 along Guilford Ave. Many eating at the Our Daily Bread soup kitchen this afternoon felt that Baltimore was indeed trying to clear the homeless from the city rather than offer any permanent solutions, with some deciding to leave the city for Baltimore county.

Meanwhile, advocates for the homeless in Baltimore claim that the city's policies risk criminalizing the homeless rather than helping them. Health Care for the Homeless, which is holding vigil for those who died homeless in 2007 on December 21 at 4:30 PM at the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon, held a forum on the criminalization of the homeless on Dec. 5th - you can watch the video from the event here. Even more troubling, a September 2007 report by the Abell Foundation details how Baltimore is systematically eliminating the kind of public housing that might actually help get homeless people off the street, with a 42% reduction in available public housing over 15 years, and planning to eliminate another 2400 homes, with no plans for replacement, in the immediate future.

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News :: Education

The thought crimes of the Black Riders: One Million Dollars Bail EACH

use this link to visit the blog for todays news. Please pass it on to others you think would be interested.

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News :: Crime & Police

4 tons of cocaine found on crashed cia torture jet

CIA torture jet crashes with 8000 pounds of coke, and that does not mean Coca Cola. Good pictures and coverage.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

"Africa and the West" Conference Broadcast to broadcast Omali Yeshitela's keynote address on December 16 from "Africa and the West" conference in Huelva, Spain

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News :: Media

Elite depopulation agenda gains ground

News Junkie Scott's Blog (12/13/07)

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Commentary :: Crime & Police

The Legality of Justice Versus Blind Faith

Are political guarantees just so man words on paper to be used for political speeches? Who is ultimately responsible for enforcing principles of law in a republic? Given the reality that justice is very much a human concept, what can people presume, if anything, about such abstract words as “justice” and “fairness: before the law? What informs these legal meanings that people too often take for granted? Dedicated to the prisoners at Guatanamo who are or were innocent and to their lawyers who are attempting to bring justice to bear.

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News :: Crime & Police

Letter concerning stalking/mobbing by Border Patrol NM to Shem Peachey PAIC DHS

Shem Peachey
Department Of Homeland Security
PAIC Border Patrol
441 Duncan Highway
Lordsburg, NM 88045

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News :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : International Relations : Latin America : Protest Activity

Contradictions Abound in Cuban Five Case

Contradictions Abound in Cuban Five Case...

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LOCAL News :: Activism : Baltimore MD

Regional organizing against the 2008 political conventions grows

With the failure of the Democratic Congress to meaningfully challenge the Bush administration's agenda painfully apparent, renewed interest in direct action against the spectacular machinations of the political process itself has been growing across the country. Activists in Denver and Minneapolis/St. Paul are busy preparing for mass mobilizations against the 2008 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. In the Baltimore area, a few signs expressing support for protest against the RNC have been spotted, including this one at MICA and this banner off I-83, which has stayed up for more than a week. More substantial regional activity against both conventions will be happening on January 26th and 27th in Frederick, MD, during a regional Anti-RNC/DNC consulta.

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