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Baltimore Algebra Project Organizer Zachariah Hallback shot and killed on Jan 9th

Dear supporters of the Algebra Project:

We mourn the loss of Zachariah Hallback, a wonderful young man who had participated in many Algebra Project events, and who was helping to organize for the action below. Zach was shot Wednesday, Jan. 9 during a robbery while he waited with other Algebra Project youth for a bus across the street from City College High School. He was pronounced dead on Friday, Jan. 11. The students have decided to continue with this action in his memory.

Please join them, Silent March to the State House begins at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, Feb 6, from Asbury United Methodist Church, 87 West Street, Annapolis.


Reverse cuts to Thornton Funding — school system must currently cut $50 million to balance 2009 budget

Jobs in the knowledge-based economy for all youth
$800 million for Baltimore schools as ordered by court
Arts for all students; Buildings repaired, not closed; Class sizes capped at 20.

Quality Education as a Constitutional Right.

Some students will perform a die-in to dramatize the cost of inadequate education, and the Governor’s Mansion will be wrapped in crime-scene tape.

For more information, Call 410-338-0679


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News :: Crime & Police

how hemp became illegal

the industrialists feared hemp so badly they used its medicinal properties to demonize it, then taxed it at 300 per gram in 1937! at night, during the holidays, while no one was around! the marihuana tax act of 1937....look it all of this, kids...all the pot prisoners are in an illegal british DEBTORS prison for not paying a tax! carefully hidden keep you subservient...and scared...b

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News :: Activism : Crime & Police : Education : Health Care : Protest Activity

How I Won the War

"Wake it! Shake it! Drag it out and break it!" That was Ken Kesey in Sometimes a Great Notion. 1/15 The Queer Kennedys take the stage! Sound the alarm in Zion! Don't eat the smokes!

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News :: Media

They knife horses, don't they

News Junkie Scott's Blog (1/16/07)

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Commentary :: International Relations

Carlos Chavez: the Rachel Corrie nobody will talk about


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Commentary :: Crime & Police

Review: Sinister Forces, Book III: The Manson Secret

Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft: Book III: The Manson Secret
By Peter Levenda

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News :: Biotechnology

Hows that boycott of Israel going, btw?


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News :: Elections & Legislation

Lawyer: Way to get rid of electronic voting

Lawyer discoveres constitutional way to get rid of electronic voting

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News :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Class : Culture : Race and Ethnicity

Defending Publisher Arthur Topham, Zionist Target

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, presents a compelling defense of Radical Press Publisher, Arthur Topham, who has become a the object of a thought crime witchhunt by Canadian Zionist

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Announcement :: Activism : Biotechnology : Children : Civil & Human Rights

elp Save Baby X - An IVF created black baby with no rights to a father

The website was built in order to raise money for the legal costs for saving this Black Male child named Baby X and to raise the issue of how child support is being used for sponsoring both Immigration and Paternity Fraud & destroying Black Families.

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