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News :: Media

Depression risk might force US to buy assets

News Junkie Scott's Blog (2/14/08)

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News :: Animal Rights

An open letter from Joseph Anderson


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News :: Crime & Police

68 Senators violated their oaths of office yesterday

all the dhs freaks and dual citizens, working for the foreign govts on us soil, and collecting govt chex, hoping for immunity and amnsty, when in fact they need to be hanged…

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LOCAL Commentary :: Elections & Legislation : History : War in Iraq

Sen. Obama Beat the Political Machine in Maryland

Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) gave Sen. Hillary Clinton a decisive thrashing in Maryland’s primary election on Feb. 12, 2008. He beat her by about 180,000 votes. Despite Clinton having the state’s senior U.S. Senator, Barbara Mikulski, in her corner, along with its governor, Martin O’Malley, and also the party’s entire political machine, Obama won by a 60% to 37% margin. David Lindorff is right: “Obama...may be creating...a constituency for real change.”

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News :: Middle East : War in Iraq

Another Killing Spree in Mesopotamia: “Pacifying” Mosul

In words and deeds, happenings in Iraq are chillingly redolent of Nazi Germany. Neighborhoods walled in and “cleansed” of Sunnis, others of Shias, Christians and Iraq's richness of minorities ... people who have lived together and inter-married since time immemorial. The distinctions were imposed with the incoming tanks and troops - divide and rule writ large. In Falluja, Goebbel's ghost walks tall. The residents even have their own identifying arm patch to prove it. And it has certainly been cleansed, in uncountable thousands - exactly how many unknown, since in the words of General Tommy Franks it is not “productive” to count Iraqi deaths.

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News :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : International Relations : Media

The Republican Candidate

In that already famous Super Tuesday, a day of the week when a number of States of the Union were selecting the candidate of their choice for the presidency of the United States from among a group of contenders, one of the likely candidates to replace George W. Bush was John McCain...

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LOCAL News :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Culture : Media

WYPR Members Protest at WYPR for Return of Marc Steiner Show

Maryland residents continue to picket outside Maryland public radio station WYPR for the second straight week, calling for the reinstatement of the Mark Steiner Show. This Maryland public affairs show based in Baltimore was abruptly cancelled on Feb. 1, 2008 without much warning.

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News :: Activism : Asia : Economy : International Relations : Poverty

Philippines: Greed, Corruption and Illegitimate Debt

Greed is defined as an excessive or uncontrolled desire for or pursuit of money, wealth, food, or other possessions especially when this denies the same goods to others. It is reprehensible acquisitiveness, an insatiable longing for power, and supremacy in order to advance individual interests at the cost of other's well being.

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News :: Media

Kangaroo courts and capital trials at Guantanamo Bay

News Junkie Scott's Blog (2/12/08)

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Commentary :: Economy

US Crisis Sends Europe's Housing Market into Free Fall

Investor George Soros sees the worst economic crisis since the Second World War as the aftermath of heavy debts and the credit crunch. Speculative greed for profits and contempt for whistle-blowers led to the crisis. Will there be system correction or only cosmetics?

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