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Commentary :: Labor

CEO Salaries and the Minimum Wage

"After the fall of the Berlin Wall, capitalism let its mask fall. Capitalism did not need to be social any more since socialism did not exist any longer as a counter-movement.. Many economic leaders act irresponsibly toward Europe's people and the future."

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News :: International Relations

The Anatomy of Another Conspiracy


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News :: Activism : Civil & Human Rights : History : International Relations : Latin America

Fidel Castro will neither aspire to nor accept reelection

Cuban President Fidel Castro announced he will not aspires to nor accepts the positions of President of the State Council and Commander in Chief at the Parliament session scheduled for February 24th.

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News :: Animal Rights

CAIR LOSES non-profit status!


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LOCAL News :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Media

WYPR Community Advisory Board to Discuss Steiner's Firing on Feb. 20

The WYPR Community Advisory Board is scheduled to meet at the Baltimore Museum of Art on Feb. 20, 2008 at 7 p.m. The hot topic of debate will be the firing of progressive radio host Marc Steiner.

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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD : Drugs

Great little mini-documentary on Rose Street Community Center in East Baltimore

There's a great little 8 minute movie about the Rose Street Community Center (amazing and totally inspiring grassroots anti-drug addiction and crime effort in East Baltimore), produced by Wide Angle Youth Media:

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : History : International Relations : U.S. Government

The Republican Candidate (4)

If this is a subject of interest to you, in the United States today there are five Cuban prisoners, separated one from the other by thousands of miles. They have no area that can be sarcastically called the “Hanoi Hilton”. Their suffering and the injustice of which they are victims will be known the world over; don't doubt it for a minute

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News :: Race and Ethnicity

Anti-Zionism as a form of racism


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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD

Congressman Concerned About Georgetown University's Saudi Millions


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News :: Activism : Elections & Legislation : Globalization : Latin America

Venezuela: Against (B)oligarchy, demagogy and corruption. Autonomous struggle from the ground up!

* Issue #52 of El Libertario is out In its editorial we reaffirm the commitment of this voice of Venezuelan anarchism to maintain a critical viewpoint on the country's realities, as well as our stand in solidarity with the struggle for liberty and equality.

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