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Update: Police End peer2peer Camp-Out

Dear Friends,

Thanks for all the support during the camp-out!
At around 10 last night, an employee of the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management service and Park Rangers gave students ten minutes to vacate War Memorial Plaza or face police destroying tents and arresting anyone remaining in the park.

Students representing the Hip Hop Congress, BUDL, Algebra Project, Safe and Sound Youth Ambassadors, Kids on the Hill, Wide Angle Youth Media, YOURS, Follow Your Dreams, Youth As Resources, ETU and other groups chose to end the camp-out for Peer-to-Peer Youth Enterprises at that point, and spent the night camping a block away at the Hollywood Diner, owned by Chesapeake Center for Youth Development (also a peer-to-peer enterprise coalition member).

Mayor Dixon came out on the City Hall steps to speak with students earlier yesterday. She continues to deny students a formal meeting, and seems poorly informed about the strategy to develop jobs for young people in the knowledge-based economy. For example, she tried to explain that students could get jobs at Target. Students responded that they are looking for knowledge-based jobs that challenge them and their peers to learn and grow.

Students will be planning the next steps in the campaign early next week.

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News :: Africa

Monsanto World

who owns ya baby?

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Announcement :: Asia

An open Invitation for Socio-political change in pakistan

An explanation of IDP programe for change in pakistan

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Announcement :: Asia


The future of pakistan is in the hands of youth

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Announcement :: Asia

Pakistani Women at crossroads?

poor womwns right in pakistan .

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Announcement :: Asia

The vain guard of Pakistan….?

plight of labour and their role in future pakistani socio-political set up.

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Announcement :: Asia

Dare to raise your voice for the inevitable socio-political change in Pakistan, to empower the Pakistani , the country belongs to.

To struggle for socio-political change in pakistan
to eliminate discrimination and injustice from the society

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Announcement :: Miscellaneous

Once a felon, always a felon?

After sentencing and release is over, now the penalty begins.

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News :: Animal Rights

More Lies from gaza: Dead Gazan found alive and kicking

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LOCAL News :: Baltimore MD

Blue Light Cameras To be Removed (And Replaced),0,2866474.story

No more blue light cameras. they don't work as advertised. Baltimore is going to follow chicago's lead again(where they picked up the blue
light idea in the first place) and install an even higher-tech super automated centralized system, where artificial intelligence is
supposed to be able to have the camera network itself detect crime. I'm sure the company that makes this system has just as good of a
marketing pitch as the one that sold the city the blue light specials.

Here's some info on Chicago's dreams of automated surveillance, presumably coming soon to Baltimore:

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