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LOCAL Announcement :: Middle East

An Emergency Call to Action

Not Another War!

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Commentary :: Economy

The Middle Class Falls

The population has to get used to gas prices three times higher than four years ago. Rising energy- and food prices and the rea estate crisis accelerate pauperization tendencies in the US.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Class : Education : Labor

2 Exciting Labor Events This Thursday (July 10)

UNITE HERE rally at Baltimore City Center Sheraton, Bill Fletcher Jr speaks on his new book Solidarity Divided at 2640

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Commentary :: Poverty

Hunger, GMOs and Speculation

Like many other countries, Kenya provided its own staple foods until the 1980s. Today the country imports 80% of its food. To buy up the entire grain harvest of the US, only $120 billion is needed- a small amount for speculators on the currency market.

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News :: Baltimore MD

Nazi Cookout in Maryland

Let's stop the Nazi cookout.

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Announcement :: Crime & Police

Money for Thse Arrested at the World Economic Forum

In late January and early February 2003, the World Economic Forum meetings were held in New York City. In a class action lawsuit later brought by demonstrators arrested at the meetings, it was alleged that the NYPD attempted to show the world it was in control by illegally arresting and detaining 215 persons.

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News :: Peace



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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Compare Provisions in “Hitler’s Laws” with FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008

The FISA AMENDMENTS ACT OF 2008 May be Passed by the U.S. Senate Before You Can Read this.
You Can Thank The House of Representatives.

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News :: Economy

Iraqi lawmakers say U.S. demanding 58 military bases

israeli apartheid grows at american expense.

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News :: Military

Part II: The deadly convenience of Victor Bout

With international arms dealer Victor Bout behind bars in Bangkok, many world leaders are squirming over revelations of his client list.

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