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News :: Elections & Legislation

Frank Moore qualifies for write-in votes in 25 states, including Maryland

Berkeley-based performance artist and Write-in Presidential candidate Frank Moore has qualified to receive write-in votes for President in 25 states, including Maryland. Voters in Maryland who write-in Frank Moore for President on the November ballot will have their vote counted.

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Commentary :: Economy

The Demise of Neoliberal Globalization

The capitalist world economy follows an anti-social logic. The replacement of neoliberalism is necessitated by a cyclical swing. Will the world economy return to a balance or sink in violent chaos? Wallerstein's article could stimulate fruitful discussions.

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News :: Globalization

bush and the mormons

these are the zionists behind mccain too...they are in possession of a secret welfare economy, and they do not want to let it loose....mormons are unAmerican and ignorant scum....b

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News :: Economy

Lehman sought millions for execs while seeking bailout

The now-bankrupt investment bank Lehman Brothers arranged millions in bonuses for fired executives as it pleaded for a federal lifeline, lawmakers learned Monday, as Congress began investigating what went so wrong on Wall Street to prompt a $700 billion government bailout.

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Commentary :: Economy

Sudden outbreak of democracy baffles US pundits

Conservatives, libertarians and lefties all raised objections to the Bailout for very sound reasons. The media had done all it could to keep awkward questions off the air. The result has left us disenfranchised.

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News :: Economy : Globalization : U.S. Government

US Real Estate: From Goldmine To Money Pit - Mortgage Backed Securities and Derivatives are Flawed and Failing

The mortgage debt problem is simple really, it has been a total mis-appropriation of equity. The equity lost on flat screen TV's, boats, new cars, vacations, and other living expenses; is equity lost forever. This loss of equity spent on consumer goods and expenses is a pyramid scheme of hyper-capitalism that is flawed and failing. Equity not spent on the property the equity comes from, is equity lost forever, a mis-appropriation of funds, and inappropriate; it is a failing economic model.

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Commentary :: Economy

The Banana Incident

Bananas, cosmic radiation, and private property.

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News :: International Relations

Los escuadrones de la muerte del Obispo de los pobres

Un puñado de opulentos "piqueteros de la abundancia" en Paraguay y Argentina, personeros de Monsanto y el poderío transnacional del imperialismo en Sudamérica, han iniciado una "espontánea" campaña desestabilizadora en ambos países

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Announcement :: Activism : Animal Rights : Protest Activity

Novartis Knock Down Day

Novartis Knock Down Day is a call for actions against Novartis on Monday, October 27th for being one of Huntingdon Life Sciences’ (HLS’s) largest customers. Without customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) there simply would be no Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). The customers pay Huntingdon to test products and carry out research. If Huntingdon lost all their customers then they would have no income and be forced to close. There are only ten companies which give Huntingdon Life Sciences 45% of their income; these include Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. Monday, October 27th is Novartis’ day.

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Commentary :: Middle East

Separate Church and State in Israel or Expect More Radical Zionism in the U.S.

We, as a nation, can no longer espouse any other position as fair but to advocate for the separation of Church and State in “all” the Middle East—including and especially in Israel and Palestine. Condemning Arab states as backward while ignoring Israel’s own demand for the continuance of a de facto theocratic kingdom based on discrimination is high hypocrisy. And the world can no longer afford this outdated baggage and demeanor.

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