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Violations of Workers Rights in the Philippines in 2010

philippines-protest.jpgAside from the worst forms of labor repression such as the killings of union leaders and members that are well documented by human rights groups, workers in the Philippines suffer from a host of other violations of internationally recognized and constitutionally protected rights and freedoms.

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News :: Gender and Sexuality


El libro más prohibido por el autor más perseguido y censurado.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Socialist Mimi Soltysik’s Pre-Election Message to California Voters

The Socialist Party USA stands for political activity independent of the two major corporate parties. Socialists believe that capitalism is fundamentally incompatible with democracy and that true democracy can only be achieved with society’s transformation to socialism.

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Commentary :: Economy

Franklin Roosevelt's Second Bill of Rights

his economic bill of rights

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LOCAL News :: Activism : Class : Crime & Police : Protest Activity : Race and Ethnicity

French Students Mobilize: "Sarkozy, You're Screwed, The Youth Are In the Streets!"

From our correspondent in France

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Commentary :: Environment

America's Gulf: Ongoing Coverup and Denial

coverup of the greatest ever environmental crime

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Class : Crime & Police : Culture

A New Slant on Obama

A New Slant on Obama

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Anti-Defamation League's Demagoguery and Islamophobia

ADL's racism belies its stated mission

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Congressional Fleecing the Public Legislation

congressional fleecing

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Commentary :: Labor

Eight Theses on the New Culture of Work

Person-oriented and labor-intensive work are vital in a post-industrial economy wrestling with decreasing resources. Reducing working hours is the only way to guarantee the right to work for all. Work and security must be uncoupled like work and income. To reduce life to work and the market economy is to fall to idolatry and the antiquated work religion.

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