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News :: Middle East

Judith Le Blanc: Eye Witness Report From Israel And The Occupied Territories

Judith Le Blanc, correspondent of the People's Weekly World and Vice-Chair of the Communist Party USA, spoke about her April visit to Israel and the Occupied Territories at Stoney Run Friends Meeting House. About 45 attended the discussion sponsored by the Communist Party of Maryland and the Baltimore Peace Action Network. A report on the discussion.

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LOCAL News :: Environment

City Council To Vote Monday On Fate Of Woodberry Woods

The Baltimore city council announced last week that a final vote will be held on Monday, June 3 to decide whether much of Baltimore's Woodberry Woods will be sold for development. The news came as a surprise to many who expected that no decision would be made until the Environmental Protection Agency concluded its testing of the area this August.

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Commentary :: Middle East

BTL:Unending Conflict & 35 Years Of Occupation Take Psychological Toll On...

...Exhausted Palestinian Population. Between The Lines' Scott Harris spoke with Dr. Elia Awwad, director of Mental Health Services in the Palestinian territories with the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

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Commentary :: International Relations

Cynicism And Passion

The longstanding notion many Arabs were contemplating that if the USA wanted something done, at any time in any part of the world, it would simply get it done, has apparently resisted the September 11's events. This vision while being to some degree emphasized by the "victory" of the USA in the cold war and extensively in the contest with the ex-USSR since the collapse of the latter, as well as by the henceforth prevailing role of the US in the search for peace in the Middle East during the last decade, has also its roots anchored in the Arab mind.

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News :: Environment


As we have stated, "GM experiments are in some respects worse than biological weapons. For every biological warfare agent, it is possible to know its biological origin, its mode of action, where it is produced and where it is released, providing the BWC Protocol can be agreed. But in the case of accidental creation of deadly pathogens in GM experiments, or contamination with GM microorganisms, none of these parameters is known, and in most cases cannot even be predicted. In the event of disease outbreaks, diagnosis will be delayed, and more people will get ill and die."

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Announcement :: Environment


get involved with the tour please print and post this graphic send graphic as an attachment in emails

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Announcement :: Children

Non-hierarchal Social Structures Project

There is a new project for the discussion of non-hierarchal social structures, their forms and how they have existed, and how they can be applied in social and political activism in the creation of dual power structures and in the creation of a society free from hierarchal power relations. This discussion and the ideas generates through it will serve as the basis for an on-line resource and printed work on these types of social relations.

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News :: Environment

Earth First! Activist Arrested After Lockdown

After being locked into cement barrels for 11 hours, Redge Peterson was arrested in Hamiliton Montana for his protest against the salvage logging scam.

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News :: Protest Activity

Do NOT Let The FBI Get Away With This. Bush Is Hiding Behind Them!!

DO NOT let the FBI get away with the 9-11 scam. Bush will hide behind the FBI's cosmetic changes to thwart a "REAL" investigation that will show that his administration actually ordered such things as the FBI to "back off" Bin Laden and the Airforce to "stand down" on 9-11 and not deploy interceptor jets.

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News :: Peace

Worldwide Solidarity Against The Occupation: 7-10th June 2002

The Coalition of Women for Peace is planning a mass rally in Jerusalem on Saturday, 8 June 2002, to mark 35 years of occupation. We invite peace-loving people throughout the world to carry out your own actions on or about this date under slogans of your choosing.

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