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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

C-Span 2 Gives Howard Zinn Three Hours Of Excellent Programing

Howard Zinn was on C-Span 2 for three hours on Sunday, September 1, stating his views at length and answering questions from people around the country.

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Commentary :: Economy

How Revolution Can Overturn Consumer Society

The following was written by political economist Raymond Lotta -- as part of a longer analysis of "Socialist Planning vs. Market Socialism." It was posted as part of the debate over revolutionary strategy in the General Discussion forum of

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News :: Protest Activity

Nick Becker -- Who Is He?

Nick Becker is a fascinating human being. He is a math whiz, a civil libertarian hero, an activist from an early age

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

Did Flight 77 Strike The Pentagon?

the eyewitnesses used to refute Meyssens thesis can themselves be refuted

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Announcement :: Media

Protest War And Resident Bush With Sidewalk Chalk

Resist War and Corporate media bias/censorship with Sidewalk Chalk!

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News :: Activism

Using Administrative Power To Sabotage The IMC Palestine

This is NOT an IMC and it is a disgrace to Indymedia and its Principles of Unity. Currently there is a group that has formed organically of people from the old group and new members from all over the Bethlehem district. They wish to proceed with the IMC project but are trying to establish their policies concretely. It is the general feeling in the community that Bilal would like to start some kind of seperate political organisation. This is perfectly acceptable but in doing so he is using his administrative power to sabatoge the IMC Palestine.

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News :: Activism

PHOTO . Neo Nazi Counter Rally In WDC 24aug02

This photo was taken during th Natinal Alliance Neo Nazi Rally in WDC on Saturday, 24aug02, across from the US Capitol in Grant Circle and from the perspective of the 'No Nazi's in DC Counter Rally.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

BTL:Activist Granny D, 92, Who Walked Across America To Fight For...

...Campaign Finance Reform Discusses the Struggle to Revive Democracy. Between The Lines' Melinda Tuhus spoke with Haddock at the Grassroots Radio Conference in August.

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LOCAL Commentary :: Crime & Police

Not The Usual Bullshit

review of Bill Brown's 26 August 2002 appearance on MSNBC and his debate about surveillance cameras with embattled Baltimore Police Commissioner Norris.

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News :: U.S. Government


I argue that Rudolph Giuliani may have been a co-conspirator in the September 11 attacks.

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