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Commentary :: Peace

Confronting The Warmongers

Challenging the justifications for war.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Fascists, Anti-Fascists And The State

As of October 8th, the majority of the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 defendants have had their cases dismissed. This is the story of the lead up and action on August 24th, and the aftermath. [Originally published in Barricada, #17, September/October 2002].

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Announcement :: Activism

Mobilize For Total Liberation - Final Cut

The final, Completely updated schedule for the
Mobilization Against Colonialism for Total Liberation in Denver, Colorado - October 9th - 13th.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

Anti-Racist 28 Cleared

Good news on the legal front!

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News :: Protest Activity : War in Iraq


Thousands protested in Cincinnati [Monday, Oct. 7] as president George W. Bush spoke, calling upon the American people to support a Congressional measure which would give him the power to carry out a war against Iraq.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Nov.15-17: Shut Down The School Of Assassins!

Massive Rally and Nonviolent Civil Resistance Actions Fort Benning, GA: November 15-17, 2002

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Announcement :: Activism

Michael Moore's Anti-war Petition To Democrats


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Commentary :: Labor

Class War Ronin: An Interview With Six Anarchist Union Organizers

Interviews with six local union organizers who have been involved either as rank 'n' filers or as organizers with AFSCME, HERE, IUPAT, SEIU, UAW, and UFCW. They were asked about their politics, their political activity outside of the labor movement, why they became organizers, whether others should become organizers, the good, the bad, how they keep their integrity, what unions are doing right, and what could make unions better. [Originally published in The Northeastern Anarchist, Fall/Winter 2002].

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News :: Protest Activity

150 Protesters Welcome Bush To Baltimore

bush_in_balto.JPGThis afternoon, President Bush was whisked into the Baltimore Hyatt for a fundraiser to support Maryland Republican gubernatorial candidate Robert Ehrlich. A block away, police kept anti-war protesters locked down.

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LOCAL News :: Urban Development

S28: The Gray Activists

IMC speaks to the older activists at the September 28 rally.

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