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News :: Media

US Imperial Interventions: COlombia, Venezuela, Cisneros

Billionaire corporate thieves control world's media and bear responsibility for murder of millions and the death of democracy. Their war crimes in Venezuela and Colombia means people all over the world must seize the media, crush the elite and remake the world. We have the US where we want it - cornered and vulnerable - the revolution is whenever we want it. We only want the world... Why wait.

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Announcement :: Peace : War in Iraq

New CESR fact sheets on Iraq crisis

New CESR fact sheets on Iraq crisis

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News :: Globalization

Bush Daddy Terror

Terrorism with a smile!

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Announcement :: Peace

Un Llamado Anarquista a la Acción Global contra el Capitalismo y la Guerra

Un llamado a la acción global contra la guerra y el capitalismo el 15 de Febrero.

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Announcement :: Peace

Anarchists and Anti-Capitalists: Get Your Class War On!

The number of cities holding anti-capitalist and anarchist protests this coming weekend is growing daily. Check out our webpage for information on what folks in your city or town are planning.

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LOCAL News :: Activism

NYC 15th- TARGET: Corporate Media- FEEDER MARCH!


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News :: Civil & Human Rights


According to recent press reports, the Justice Department is crafting a supplement to the USA Patriot Act entitled the “Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003”. Many of the provisions included in the proposed legislation pose grave threats to civil liberties. Contact your congressperson and urge them to oppose these DOJ measures - immediate action is imperative.

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News :: Activism : War in Iraq

Music for Peace - musicians respond to the crisis in Iraq.

A new website for musicians who support peace.

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News :: Protest Activity

Judge blocks anti-war march near United Nations

NEW YORK - The city did not violate the First Amendment rights of anti-war demonstrators when it denied them a permit to march past the United Nations (news - web sites) on Saturday, a federal judge ruled Monday.

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News :: Crime & Police

LAPD Chief Bad News(amsellem)

On the past and recent history of LAPD chief of police William J Bratton

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