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Announcement :: Activism

Anti-capitalist bloc and pseudo-spokes for 2/15

Call for an anti-capitalist bloc for the 2/15 march in NYC and information for an informal spokescouncil and planning meeting on 2/14 at the Brecht Forum.

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Announcement :: Activism



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News :: Protest Activity

Monkeys escape from EU's largest primate lab!! (important too!! Please help!)

Please read the following and act!! Help make this worldwide email-action a succes! (This action is part of an ongoing, 4 year old campaign by individual activists, legal organisations, grassroot groups, etc. against the primate center with the sole aim to close it down!)

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Commentary :: U.S. Government

Debunking conspiracy theorists

It doesn't help to have people spreading silly conspiracy theories about Sept 11

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Announcement :: International Relations

Repression in Thailand

A new Asian dictatorship?

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News :: International Relations

Great objectives!

What we need is not only the oil

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

SOA Trial Update: Final Group of Human Rights Advocates Sentenced

Nuns, Priests, Veterans, Professors and Students Testified Against Double Standard in War on Terrorism, Put SOA and U.S. Foreign Policy on Trial

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Commentary :: International Relations : War in Iraq

86 years of Iraqi rebellion against British/U.S. aggression in Middle East

(Facts the mainstream media is not allowed to report)
"There are two passions which have a powerful influence on human affairs: love of power and love of money. When they are united, they produce the most frightful outcomes." — Benjamin Franklin

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

Federal Judge Proves High Alert Is Strictly Political

Federal Judge Barbara S. Jones has proven herself to be an anti-democratic and constitutionally bankrupt lawyer as well showing her politics in the glaring light of public opinion by ruling against a peace march in New York City scheduled for Saturday the 15th February. Jones's ruling proves beyond a shadow of doubt that the high alert the White House put up last week is strictly political.

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News :: International Relations

The war of an old wise man !

This is my war

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