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Announcement :: Globalization

OverLord & Taylor - May Department Stores Pushing Products of Oppression

This winter, help stop dictatorship in Burma: May Department Stores is helping support Burma's military regime by retailing huge quantities of "Made in Burma" products. Please take a minute to tell this company to end support for forced labor and stop the retail of products from Burma!

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

The FAQs of Affirmative Action

The propaganda directed at the abolition of affirmative action has been based on clever disinformation and on the fear that this engenders. This article provides factual answers to the major questions about affirmative action. (An abridged version appeared in The Baltimore Sunpapers, 2/16/03.)

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Commentary :: Activism

SEIU and Antiglobalization Protesters

How SEIU Manipulated Antiglobalization Protesters and What To Do About It This Year

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News :: Latin America

TEAM USA Bad Boys: Blackmail and US Intervention in Lalin America

US addictions terrorize world: OIL, WEAPONS, DRUGS. US Linked BAD-BOYS held power for decades in Latin America. Now Hugo Chavez, the people of Bolivia and New Ideas run the crooks out of town.. Guns and Money not enough anymore. Send us radical community updates from the struggles in the South!

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News :: Protest Activity

From Global Resistance To Local Persistence (News From Richmond)

News From Richmond....

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Commentary :: U.S. Government

As War Looms Over Iraq, Another is Already Being Fought at Home

Frida Berrigan, a former Baltimore-based activist, analyzes the effects of a war in Iraq in comparison with domestic budgetary needs in the United States. Her analysis is made in relation to New York City. However, her analysis is instructive for Baltimore activists concerned with peace and social justice. (Reprinted from The Indypendent of New York City Indymedia, 2/15/03)

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

Protest Cartoon

Cartoon: the corporate media numbers game.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Baltimore MD

Anybody Who Cares About Anything

Saturday Feb. 22nd at 3pm there will be a meeting, potluck and party to start a loose nit anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian network here in B//more to help, start and continue projects and actions!!! READ more! Pass it along!

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Announcement :: Peace

Infoshop News Complete Coverage of F15

Infoshop News will be running a special newswire covering the hundreds of anti-war protests happening around the world this weekend. You are welcome to send in reports about the actions that happened in your town.

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News :: Labor

SPFPA America's Union for Security Professionals


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