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Announcement :: Media

Adbusters' "Unbrand America" airs today on CNN (9-22)

CNN- Monday, September 22, around 4:30 EST.

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News :: War in Iraq

Sign Military Families' Petition: Bring Reserve Troops Home

On September 9th, 2003, our loved ones, currently serving in the Iraqi theater, were delivered orders extending their overseas stay. They have been told that there is a chance they could be home in May 2004 with the possibility of an extension to January 2005. May 2004 is a minimum 16 month deployment for this Reserve Unit.

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Announcement :: War in Iraq

Like farts in the wind

Like farts in the wind is a farce with Bush, Berlusconi, Rumsfield, Condy Rice, Powell and many others

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Some Facts about the Word Nigga

An incarcerated brother expresses his views on the use of the "N" word, laying out historical and sociological facts to back up his beliefs.

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

FEMA Concentration Camps in America

FEMA Concentration Camps

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News :: Environment

Microchips Weigh Heavily On Environment

While many have been concerned with the spiritual, and liberty implications pertaining to the microchips there is another problem, the environment. On November 7, 2002 zdnet posted an article regarding this. It said the microchip "has an environmental impact that far outweighs its miniature size."

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Commentary :: Environment

BTL:Bush Administration Launches New Attack on Clean Air Rules...

...Environmental Groups Fight Back. Interview with John Walke, director of clean air programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Announcement :: Globalization

Action Alert:Join the Protest Against CAFTA in Houston, Oct 20-24

Join the Oct 20-24 Protest In Houston. World-Wide Call to Converge On Houston And Stop Zoellick and His Boys from Pushing Through This Bi-Lateral Trade Agreeement

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Announcement :: Media

What's New at

An irregular update on what's new at, the popular activist and alternative news website. is now available in Swedish. Check out our newest interactive website:

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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:WTO Cancun Summit Meeting Collapses As...

...Coalition of Developing Nations Rejects 'Bad Deal' on Farm Subsidies. Interview with Anuradha Mittal, co-director of Institute for Food and Development Policy or Food First, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harri

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