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News :: Protest Activity

Padded Bloc FAQ for Miami

Basic information on the planned Padded Bloc in Miami, including frequently asked questions.

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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:Bolivian Uprising is Another Blow to Corporate Globalization in...

...Latin America. Interview with Jim Schultz, executive director of the Democracy Center, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Announcement :: Miscellaneous

New design and reading additions to @narchist Panther pages

We are pleased to announce new additions (some of classic texts digitized for the internet for the first time ever) to the web pages of the @narchist Panther- Ashanti Alston.

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Commentary :: Activism

The Next Train

Chapter from Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs, discussing travellers and anarchism

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Commentary :: Crime & Police

Michael Moore Joins Tom Ridge, etc. "Thinks" Mumia did it!

Moore seems to believe that Philly cops and officials would not frame a black man. He bases his statement on nothing. So far, no explanation has come from his desk. Moore seems to be less than we thought.

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News :: Peace

Art of War: Age of Sharon

Age of Sharon

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News :: [none]

News in review: Sept 30 - Oct 13

Week in Review

Our weeklyish review of the news. September 30 to Oct 13.


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News :: Globalization


The resignation of Lozada makes him the fourth South American President to be forced from office by popular rebellion in the past three years.

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Link To The Full Stash Of Diebold Memos...

The following are links to the incriminating stash of Diebold Election Systems memos... please take copies of this data and redistribute...

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News :: Protest Activity

Oct. 25: Self-Determination for DC and Iraq!!

Self-Determination for DC and Iraq!!
Percussion Protest and Feeder March
Bring Noisemakers: whistels, drums, buckets, or whatever else

---October 25, 11:30am---
**Euclid and 15th Street Corner of Malcolm X Park NW WDC**
*Look for the banner that reads:
*Occupation is Not Liberation - Not Here, Not Anywhere*

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