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News :: Children

Lebanese Peaceful Revolution Against Syrian Occupation

The Lebanese universities youth, engineers, physicians, lawyers, workers and all society members are leading a peaceful revolution to implement the UN Security Council resolution 52O that calls for Syrian pullout of Lebanon. Hundreds are being arrested, tortured, imprisoned and even killed.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

Bush Rushes to Iraq for Thanksgiving Photo-op with Troops after Informant [allegedly] Leaks News of Hillary's Trip

How typically Bush: Finally doing the right thing for the wrong - and colossally selfish - reasons.

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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:Pentagon's Operation Iron Hammer in Iraq Could Foster More Support for...

...Anti-U.S. Insurgency. Interview with Rahul Mahajan, author of "Full Spectrum Dominance: U.S. Power in Iraq and Beyond," conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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Commentary :: Middle East

Capitol Hill Forum Rips Middle East Policy

Three of the eight authors of the “Clean Break” document became key policy makers to the Bush-Cheney Gang. Leading that pack was the super hawkish Richard Perle, a current member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board. He also sits on the board of the “Jerusalem Post” newspaper, which is owned by the scandal-tainted Conrad Black, a media mogul.

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Announcement :: Media

Liberty Forum Being Censored??

Is Liberty Forum undergoing an attempt to censor and strangle its growth?

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News :: [none]

Reporting from the FTAA

The writers dedicate this coverage to Jordan Feder, the wonderful Towson/Baltimore/New Jersey activist who passed away from meningitis early on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 26 after travelling to the protests in Miami. Jordan was a good friend and leader, who went to Miami to help others and lost his own life on the way home. For more information, please see the memorial website, Miami Herald, or Towson Towerlight.

Baltimore reports from the anti-FTAA protests in Miami:

"This week, Nov 17-21, international trade ministers will be in Miami, FL for a round of negotiations on the pending Free Trade of the Americas (FTAA). My first exploration into downtown Miami was a drive to the Independent Media Center (IMC), twenty five blocks away from ground zero of where demonstrations in opposition to the FTAA are to occur on Thursday November 20. One focus of the most militant demonstrators will be the security fence around the negotiation site of the Intercontinental Hotel on Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL. My hotel is directly across the Biscayne Blvd from the fence...": Reporting from the FTAA Security Fence (Jim George)

#media_1920;left# "An anti-capitalist march of 200 activists left the Convergence Center at 23rd and N. Miami Avenue at 6:30am on Thursday morning, marching behind banners proclaiming “Capitalism Cannot Be Reformed,” “Internationalism Yes! Globalization No!,” “Against All Authority! Anarchists Against the FTAA()!.” The march ‘snaked’ over to Biscayne Blvd then headed south until bicycle and riot cops blocked the path at 13th and Bayshore. From there, the marchers headed west, where a long stand-off occurred at 14th Street and 1st Avenue NW..." From Puppets to Rubber Bullets: Baltimore IMC reports on the... (Chuck D'Adamo, Laura Goren, Heather Rounds, Melissa Noonan)

"We noticed people moving toward the line of police, and several groups of people changing into black clothing. One person walked briskly toward the police line with a small black flag on a long thin pole. Soon, a crowd had positioned themselves in front of the police line. We noted several bright green hats in the crowd, indicating that legal observers were present. Given the strength of the police line, two deep or deeper, we expected a long stand-off. Within five minutes, our expectations were proved wrong as we obeserved people running from the police line and puffs of white smoke that were attributed to discharges of rubber bullets or bean-bags..." FTAA Protest in Review (Jim George) #media_1930;right#

A report on some events in Miami on November 21--a free open-air bazaar, the police attack on people engaged in a peaceful jail solidarity rally, concern over a police raid at the Convergence Center, and a press conference Market & State in Miami on November 21 (Chuck D'Adamo & Heather Rounds)

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News :: Civil & Human Rights


I have a disease called 'Bush Sickness'. It was caught at Buckingham Palace when I saw President Bush. I have 'Bush Sickness' as he killed my finace in Iraq, refuses to help find my child there and his army in Iraq captured / held me for 3 weeks in Iraq, accusing me of terrorism.

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News :: History



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Commentary :: Media


"Bill Moyers on the Media and Democracy" is an expanded version of an essay that will air on a special edition of NOW with Bill Moyers on Friday, November 28, 2003 at 9pm on PBS devoted to media issues. This edition of NOW will also feature interviews with author and former major league baseball pitcher Jim Bouton and media critic John Leonard.

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News :: Military

CHERYL SEAL ALERT: Bush Pentagon Announces Plans to Orbit Monstrous Space Bomber

While America is Diverted by Michael Jackson, the UK trip and the Energy Bill/Medicare crisis, the Pentagon Quietly Revives X-37 Space Bomber Program, aided and abetted by NASA's Sean O'Keefe and Boeing

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