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News :: Civil & Human Rights



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LOCAL Announcement :: Economy

FREE STORE This Saturday!!!

FREE STORE! Come get stuff for FREE!

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Commentary :: International Relations

BTL:Saddam's Capture Unlikely to End Iraqi Insurgent Resistance... U.S. Occupation. Interview with Greg Palast, BBC-TV investigative reporter, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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News :: U.S. Government

9-11 Coverup ... Finally, Shock & Awe!!!

9-11 Commissioner Kean announces 9-11 was preventable!!!

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

The staircase wit of this century

The U.S. remote-controlled fake president claims fair legal proceedings and death penalty for a U.S. hellhound.
He has decided for a colossal bloodbath among European and U.S. politicans, his backers and himself

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Commentary :: Activism

Law School as Revenge

I went to law school as revenge. Why do you think they had riots when the first black man tried to enter Univ. of Miss.? Why did they not let women into Notre Dame law school until 1968? Access to education is kept from the masses, so go to school as revenge.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Animal Rights

Join Our Campaign Against HLS customers in Bmore!!!

Baltimore Animal Rights Coalition Announces its inaugural event in its campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) customers in Baltimore City!

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Commentary :: International Relations

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: The Iraqi People Deserve Their Day in the WORLD COURT, Not a Bush Tribunal

openhanded justice.JPGBush is calling for a "public trial" of Saddam. But to Bush, "public" only means that there will be an audience - it doesn't mean the audience will represent the people. Just as, during all of Bush's "public press appearances" the audience is handpicked, all dissenters removed to "protest zones" up to two miles from the site of the appearance.

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Announcement :: Animal Rights

Electronic Civil Disobedience this week...

"Its that time again! Another Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD)! Everyone had such a great time shutting down Daiichi, that we thought we needed to have another go at it. But as usual, the target will be a secret until the 15th of December. There's just no telling...

So on the 15th of December a link will be placed here to take you over to a web site where you can take part. You can take part from almost any type of computer and no special knowledge is required. Please spread the word to as many people as possible."

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Commentary :: Health Care

Anti-Smoke Campaign Covers Up Crimes of Big Cig, Big Oil, etc.

If anyone believes that the corporate-pushed "anti-smoking" crusade is about protecting Public Health, think again. Like any other illegitimate policy, it's camouflaged in "for our protection" wrapping. But, this is arguably the biggest corporate Liability Dodge in history.

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