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Commentary :: U.S. Government

The True Richard Holbrooke Legacy

another war criminal

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Ghosts from the Past Which Weaken a Leader (pt 1)

Political scandal can be an interesting distraction though fleeting and sometimes momentarily reveals information about political leaders we didn’t already know. At this point to expect leaders to be infallible is something we all still hope for deep down but most of us realize is impossible. This, as they are reflections of ourselves sent out as normal people with the same flaws characteristic of being simply people – not saints, angels or anything higher or really lower. We have pieces of many of those things written about across the ages, in religions and philosophies to greater and lesser extents, within each of us, though none of us considered normal or sane, whatever that means, are anything more than human no matter how pure or imperfect.


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News :: Activism : Asia : Class : Globalization : Labor

Successful socialism conference held in the Philippines

Philippines_socialism_conference.jpgA successful ‘socialism conference’ was held in Manila from November 27 to 28. The conference was organized by the socialist Partido Lakas ng Masa or Party of the Labouring Masses (PLM) and the socialist-feminist regional network Transform Asia. The conference was attended by 100 delegates, leaders of the PLM from Metro Manila, and other leading socialists of the Philippine left, as well as 13 international guests.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

Holder Defends Entrapment

entrapment is illegal

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Commentary :: Economy

The Crisis, Money and Us

"Once we had a coordinated social market economy. This `Rhine' capitalism embodied the insight gained in bitter experiences that totally freed markets are self-destructive. This insight was lost somewhere between Friedman and Hayek, Thatcher and Reagan.. Many banks in Sweden were nationalized and the financial sector restructured.."

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Haiti's Electoral Council Tries Alternate Ways to Legitimize Fraud

Haitians again denied democracy

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News :: Miscellaneous

Important Update on Eric McDavid


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Commentary :: Right Wing

On the Chopping Block: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

cutting entitlements

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Commentary :: Labor

Reduced Working Hours

The neoliberal growth strategy of reducing the price of labor led to a system change from Keynesianism to neoliberal capitalism. Neoliberals never sought full employment but rather the permanent division of society.

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News :: Activism

The Palestinians: What Is Really Destroying the Chance for Peace


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