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    The views and opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect those held by the Baltimore Independant Media Center. This site is based upon an open publishing method that allows any individual to post information and media to the site. ... (More)

  • Friends of IndyMedia

    The Baltimore Independent Media Center would like to thank the following people for their support: Maria Allwine Virginia Bates John Blom Jean Bradford Norman Bradford Kent Bye Pat Cruz Louis Curran Margar... (More)

  • How To Use This Site

    This Indymedia site has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, while still attempting to manage a wealth of information, and some customization options. The left-hand column lists the main sub-section pages of the site, as well as a ... (More)

  • Mission Statement

    Drafted 7/25/01 The Independent Media Center is a global network of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth. We are motivated by a love and inspiration for ... (More)

  • Baltimore IMC Newsletter

    The IMC newsletter, The Baltimore Independent, a modest print edition featuring upcoming events and highlights from the IMC web site, is now available at select meeting spaces, coffee shops and other hipster locations. If there's a location you'd like to... (More)

  • Contact Info

    The Baltimore IMC is now defunct. Contact if you need to.... (More)

  • Editorial Policy

    Introduction to the Newswire In accordance with the Baltimore IMC's overall mission, the online newswire is designed to empower individuals to become independent and civic journalists by providing a direct, unmoderated forum for prese... (More)

  • Mailing Lists

    The Baltimore IMC currently runs three mailing lists, which are always open to the public. IMC-discussion is the general discussion list, for any topics relevent to the IMC as a whole. Suggestions, fundraising ideas, collaborative projec... (More)

  • Meetings

    There currently are no regular open meetings of the Baltimore IMC, which is a real shame, and is a situation which will be rectified in the near future - keep on eye on the site for details. If you'd like to get involved in the meantime, drop us a line... (More)

  • Supporting the IMC

    Support Independent Media The Independent Media Center is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as a tool for promoting social and economic justice. The IMC is a truly cooperative effort of... (More)


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