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Commentary :: Children

Teach-ins against the War on Iraq

About 200 students attended teach-ins against the U.S. war on Iraq at Towson University and University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) on February 13. Indymedia presents the remarks of Stephen Eric Bronner (Professor Political Science, Rutgers University) and Louis Cantori (Professor Political Science, UMBC). Remarks by Wolfgang Fuchs (Professor Philosophy, Towson University) are forthcoming.


News :: Civil & Human Rights

U.S.A. Patriot Act Takes Hit at Baltimore City Council Hearing

Baltimore May Join 65 Cities and Towns in Passing a Resolution Countering Certain Provisions of The Patriot Act. Resolution 03-1046 requires the City Council to resist enforcing aspects of the Patriot Act, such as local police enforcing immigration laws and surveilling groups involved in dissent.

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News :: Protest Activity

Report of DC protests

Photos and review of Code Pink rally and anti-war rally in DC the past two weekends.

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News :: Peace : Protest Activity

February 15: Protesters pack NYC Streets

February 15, 2003, more than 500,000 demonstrators protested in the streets of New York City against the Bush administration's drive to war against Iraq. Mayor Bloomberg denied the organizers a permit to march to the United Nations. As a consequence, the New York Police Department developed strategies to divert the protesters from the permitted rally point at 1st Avenue and 52nd Street, 7 blocks away from the United Nations. There was much confusion in the streets. Many demonstrators compared the overwhelming police presence and enforcement tactics to a "police state." In this photo, protesters are on Fifth Avenue in front of the New York Public Library. NYC Indymedia reported more than 300 were arrests on February 15.

This photoessay attempts to give a sense of what it was like in the streets of New York City on that cold February day.


Interview :: Miscellaneous

David Rovics – “Inspiring the Troops” Through Music

The following interview was conducted with David Rovics by Baltimore Indymedia on Friday, November 8, 2002 at a fundraiser concert for the Baltimore Chapter of SUSTAIN (Stop U. S. Tax-funded Aid to Israel Now). Rovics speaks about the role of music in resistance movements.


Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

The FAQs of Affirmative Action

The propaganda directed at the abolition of affirmative action has been based on clever disinformation and on the fear that this engenders. This article provides factual answers to the major questions about affirmative action. (An abridged version appeared in The Baltimore Sunpapers, 2/16/03.)

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Commentary :: International Relations : Protest Activity

As War Looms Over Iraq, Another is Already Being Fought at Home

Frida Berrigan, a former Baltimore-based activist, analyzes the effects of a war in Iraq in comparison with domestic budgetary needs in the United States. Her analysis is made in relation to New York City. However, her analysis is instructive for Baltimore activists concerned with peace and social justice. (Reprinted from The Indypendent of New York City Indymedia, 2/15/03)

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News :: Peace : Protest Activity

January 18 Protest Against War in Iraq: A Photoessay

More than 200,000 protested the Bush Administration's plans for war against Iraq. Speakers/performers included actor Jessica Lange, Reverend Jesse Jackson, and the rock bank Chumbawumba. The protest was festive, yet serious with participants coming from across the U.S. and around the world. Indymedia offers a photoessay to give a sense of the protest's diversity. (Photos by Abby Anzalone, Howard Ehrlich, Laura Goren, Ted Russell)


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