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Interview :: Environment : Globalization

An Interview with Peter Grimes--Sociologist of Energy

The effort by the US to create a global capitalist empire will fail as the world experiences both global warming and the depletion of oil. We can expect the collapse of the state, increased ethnic conflicts, and a descent into societal chaos.

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News :: Baltimore MD : Children : Class : Elections & Legislation : Protest Activity

The Children Left Behind

On June 3, demonstrators from the American Home Day Care Workers Association crashed a $1,250 a plate fundraising dinner for Governor Ehrlich held at the Hyatt Hotel in Baltimore. They were protesting $35 million in day care cuts from Maryland's 2004 budget.

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News :: Baltimore MD : Class : Urban Development : Urban Development

Hopkins & Struever present Charles Village development plans

Johns Hopkins University and a private developer are teaming up to create a "college town" environment in north Charles Village by converting both sides of the 3200 block of St. Paul Street and the northwest corner of 33rd & St. Paul Street into a large, "upscale" retail and residential complex. At a recent community meeting on the issue, Hopkins and Struever Bros., Eccles & Rouse presented their plans to a mildly critical, primarily upper-middle class white audience.


News :: Activism : Peace : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

Report: United for Peace & Justice Teach-in

1,000 attended the United for Peace and Justice Teach-in. Speakers included Ralph Nader, Damu Smith, Cynthia McKinney, Hussein Ibish, and many others. A report from Baltimore activists.

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News :: Middle East : Peace : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

Surviving Shock and Awe

Ed Kinane, a member of the Iraq Peace team, spent three months in Iraq just prior to and during the bombardment of Baghdad, where Kinane was living in the Al Fanaar Hotel. He spoke on May 23, 2003 at AFSC before an audience of 35.


News :: Activism : Peace

A Conspiracy of Hope

May 18, 2003. A panel discussion held at Huebeck Hall on Goucher College’s campus, discussed Phil Berrigan’s legacy, the Catonsville 9 action and the “future of non-violent resistance.”

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News :: Baltimore MD : Civil & Human Rights : U.S. Government

Baltimore City Council Passes Resolution Against USA Patriot Act

Text of approved Baltimore City Council resolution against the USA Patriot Act.

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Interview :: Media

Robert Dreyfuss: A Conversation on Investigative Reporting

This is the report of a conversation I had with Robert Dreyfuss about what it means to be an investigative reporter. Dreyfuss was in Baltimore to speak on police surveillance of activists, an event initiated by American Friends Service Committee.


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