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Teach-In on FTAA & WTO

September 6, 2003, the Coalition against Global Exploitation with the Student Labor Action Committee held a teach-in on the Free Trade Area of the Americas and the World Trade Organization in conjunction with upcoming protests in Cancun, Mexico and Miami, Florida. A brief report with links to presentations by Frida Berrigan (World Policy Institute), Robert Scott (Economic Policy Institute), and Jack Sinnigen (University of Maryland).


Review :: Asia


Anne Brodsky, Ph.D. and Associate Professor of Psychology at UMBC, has written an impressive book about the history, culture, community and stength of the Revoluationary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). With All Our strength, The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan is reviewed in this article. (Anne Brodsky will speak at Stoney Run Friends on September 25. See the Indymedia calendar for details.)


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Baltimore Corporations Targetted by "Tour of Shame"

About 80 activists braved rainy weather on Saturday afternoon to protest against corporate globalization and war, drawing attention to both local companies and international trade agreements. Meanwhile, the meetings of the World Trade Organization collapsed in Cancun, Mexico (See The Other Press report).

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Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride Rally

sign.jpgMore than 200 people attended the September 7 rally for the Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride at Saint Matthews Church in northeast Baltimore. Inspired by the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights Movement, immigrant workers and their supporters will travel from ten major cities to converge on Washington DC on October 1-2 to meet with members of US Congress with a rally in New York City on October 4.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

The Greatest Speech of the Twentieth Century

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered it on August 28, 1963 at the spectacular civil rights March on Washington. Kay Dellinger, a peace and justice activist from Baltimore, attended the historic March and heard the speech at the Lincoln Memorial as a teenager.

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40th Anniversary Rally for Justice, Jobs & Peace

This weekend featured the 40th anniversary march to commemorate the 1963 march on Washington for Jobs, Peace and Freedom. Caucuses included the KWRU Poor People's March. Many people shared their personal reflections on DC Indymedia. A well-organized program LGBT events related to the march also took place, including a panel on LGBT communities of color.

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Michael Tomasky's "Gang Green": A Reply

In The American Prospect, liberal political writer Michael Tomasky wrote a critique of Ralph Nader and the US Green Party following the July national conference of the Greens. Dave Goldsmith, Coordinator for the Baltimore County Green Party, wrote the following reply. An earlier version was submitted to The American Prospect.


News :: Baltimore MD : Culture

The Baltimore Free University Returns

The Baltimore Free University, a progressive educational alternative is being revived after a 16-year absence.

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