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A clear message was carried to Maryland's capital by 12,000 rally activists who demanded that the legislators and governor enact the vital Thornton plan.


Review :: Baltimore MD

Thousands Rally for Thornton Plan in Annapolis

A report about the rally on behalf of the Governor signing into law the Thornton Plan which would fund Maryland public schools. The rally was held in Annapolis on 2/9/04.


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2004: State of the Global Justice Movement

grabbed.jpgMany who participated in, or read about, November's protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) in Miami continue to discuss that event. Baltimore activists have attended report-backs in Baltimore and Washington DC on Miami and the future of the global justice movement, or alternative globalization movement. Baltimore Indymedia offers three articles hopefully useful for strategic and tactical reflection.


News :: Activism : Baltimore MD

The People's Summit 2004

This article describes the People's Summit 2004 sponsored by the UB Progressives student group. About 120 people participated in the Summit on January 24, 2004. The article is linked to 'The Miami Model: Observations on a Corporate and Government Alliance.'


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Unfinished Business: Rev. Jesse Jackson Joins Baltimore Health Care Workers in Fight for Economic Justice

FrankfordLorien.gifHealth care workers from Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sinai, and Greater Baltimore Medical Center filled the City Temple of Baltimore on Tuesday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and to continue his fight for economic justice.

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A Weekend of Activist Conferences

head_logo.jpgThis Saturday, January 24, Baltimore plays host to the People's Summit 2004, a free day-long conference of community and activist organizations in the Baltimore area.

Meanwhile, down in DC, the 7th annual National Conference on Organized Resistance will take place on Saturday and Sunday on the campus of American University. If you plan well, you can make it to both!

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Commentary :: Globalization : Latin America

¿Feliz año nuevo?: 10 Years Since the Zapatista Uprising

fzln.gifIt has been 10 years since the Zapatistas rose up against NAFTA and neoliberalism in Mexico. A commentary on the rebellion and the current situation.


Commentary :: Latin America

Small Victories and Long Struggles: 10 Years Since Zapatista Uprising

Small Victories and Long Struggles. Not the best of times, nor the worst of times : a subdued 10th anniversary celebration in Zapatista heartlands.

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