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Memorial Day’s Opposite: Warmongers’ Day

Why not have a day for Americans to roast the repulsive Warmongers who have instigated this mess in Iraq? Don’t they deserve to be pilloried with a national day of their own? I propose that Halloween, Oct. 31st, serve jointly as Warmongers’ Day. Images of the entire Bush-Cheney Gang should be brought forth on that occasion. It is time for the nation to pay them back, symbolically at least, for their revolting hawkish schemes.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Military : U.S. Government : War in Iraq

Prisoner Abuse and Deeper Meanings

Commentary on abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US military personnel.


News :: Miscellaneous

This Was The Week That Was

Our weekly review of the news

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A24: IMF & World Bank Protest in DC

April 24, 2004 marked the US alternative globalization movement's protest against the International Monetary Fund and World Bank as these international institutions of neoliberal capitalism celebrated 60 years--60 years of exploiting the Third World in the interests of global capital. A photoessay capturing images of the protest in the streets of Washington DC.


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The BoneHead Compendium, Vol 22

Weekly summary of worldly nonsense

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Commentary :: Economy : Labor

What is Participatory Economics?

What feasible alternatives to capitalism are there? This was one of the questions addressed at a panel on "Resistance and Alternatives" during a teach-in on the IMF and World Bank organized by the Coalition against Global Exploitation at the University of Baltimore on April 10. The panel included Katrina Abarcar, co-coordinator World Bank Bonds Boycott, John Lawrence, of Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter, and Robin Hahnel, author and economics professor at American University. What follows is the text on which Hahnel based his remarks.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : U.S. Government

Can Congress "Fix" the USA PATRIOT Act?

The USA PATRIOT Act has been the subject of innumerable public forums and debates. Anti-PATRIOT Act resolutions have been adopted in more than 250 counties and municipalities. There are lawsuits underway over the statute and actions in Congress to modify it. C. William Michaels asks "Can Congress fix it?"


Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : U.S. Government

"Renew" The PATRIOT Act: Why Bush is Two Ways Wrong

C. William Michaels, author of "No Greater Threat: America After September 11 and the Rise of a National Security State", discusses the Bush Administration's attempt to persuade Congress to "renew" the USA PATRIOT Act.


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