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The Supreme Court Decision on the Guantanamo Bay Detainees: Finding Out What "Yes" Means

Commentary on US Supreme Court decision about the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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Commentary :: Media : U.S. Government

The Great Raveling

Musings on the Senate and Butler inquiries. "The various committee findings have been reported widely and loudly by the mainstream media, while there has been precious little or no questioning of what these reports failed to investigate or willfully chose to ignore."


Announcement :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Gender and Sexuality : History : Labor : Protest Activity

Great 1877 Railroad Strike & Darkstar Days 2004: July 18 - 21

This announcement outlines the events of Darkstar Days, July 18-21, honoring Kevin "Darkstar" Gosnell and remembering the Great Railroad Strike of 1877, which started in Baltimore and spread across the nation. The week's events include a tour of the 1877 uprising route, a teach-in, picnics, a critical mass ride, an open-mic event, memorial concert, a pot luck and more.

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News :: Elections & Legislation

In Arcata, CA with Green Party Presidential Nominee David Cobb

Baltimore IMC reporter Jim George visits with Green Party Presidential Nominee David Cobb at home in Arcata, CA. Cobb shares his clear, pragmatic vision for growing the Green Party, and comments on his new celebrity status.


Commentary :: International Relations : Peace : U.S. Government


Physicians for Social Responsibility has initiated a forward-looking program called "SMART Security." The SMART stands for "Sensible, Multilateral, American Response to Terrorism." C. William Michaels comments.


Commentary :: Baltimore MD : Children : Culture

Baltimore's Kids on the Hill

What's a white woman doing hanging out with a crew of black kids in Baltimore's Reservoir Hill? Why? And what's the sushi connection?

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : U.S. Government

The PATRIOT Act is Still Very Much with Us

The USA PATRIOT Act, enacted in October of 2001, is still very much with us. There continues to be activity from both the Bush Administration and within Congress to expand the already massive provisions of this statute. C. William Michaels offers analysis for Baltimore Indymedia readers.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : Right Wing

Understanding Hate Crimes

This article presents the ten critical points toward an understanding of hate crimes.

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