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132 Reasons to Vote Against George Bush

You need to put it together in a single space to comprehend fully this mean, vicious political regime. Here are 132 displays of their undermining peace and justice here and throughout the world.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Eight Critical Questions about George Bush and his administration

In an original set of arguments and a cogent style, the author reviews Bush's record on health care, his military service, his "leadership," the Iraqi war, the economy, the budget deficit, world image of the US, and America's well-being.

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Commentary :: Activism : Peace : Protest Activity : U.S. Government

The Antiwar Movement: Losing Ground Again

In late August, C. William Michaels travelled to New York City to do a workshop on the USA PATRIOT Act for an ad hoc conference of the Youth Convergence, part of the Bread Not Bombs movement. The Convergence was held at St. Mark's Church in Manhattan, part of tens of thousands of activists, demonstrators, and antiwar adherents of all kinds who gathered in New York to make their views known to the city and the world, during the Republican National Convention.

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Commentary :: Activism

Walking the Peace Path

Comments on the Peace Path

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : U.S. Government

The Supreme Court & "Enemy Combatants": A Victory for No One

In "Supreme Court & "Enemy Combatants": A Victory for No One," C. William Michaels examines another major anti-terrorism case decided by the Supreme Court at the end of its last term--the "enemy combatant" case. Although more than one individual is being held by the United States government as an "enemy combatant," the case involved just one of those persons: Yaser Hamdi.


News :: U.S. Government

A29 United for Peace & Justice March: A Photoessay

overview.jpgThe August 29, 2004 United for Peace & Justice demonstration in New York City drew 500,000, according to UFPJ organizers. This photoessay documents some images of protest against the continued US military occupation of Iraq and other policies of the Bush administration. This was the largest of several protests which took place as the Republic Party met to nominate George W. Bush as their candidate for US president.


News :: Media

Newspaper Coverage of A-29

This report analyzes the NY Times, Wasington Post, USA TODAY, and Baltimore Sun's treatment of the Sunday, August 29 demonstration of 500,000 people in New York City. It ends with some commnets on the role of the alternative press.


Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Personal notes on A-29

IMCer editorial collective member shares his personal observations on a summer day's walk in NYC

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