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No Stolen Elections: First in a Series

Scream.jpgContingency planning is happening around the country to ensure "No Stolen Elections"

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Voices from the Million Workers March

October 17th thousands of workers, activists and concerned citizens joined together at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. for the Million Workers March. The march was part of a new social movement organized around issues of social justice, workers rights, civil liberties and the role of the U.S. government abroad. A report from the streets with the voices of workers.


Commentary :: Activism

The meaning behind the message of the RNC protests

Reform, radical change and the meaning and styles of protest---this and more.


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Global Liberation: Message of Hope and Resistance

Brief overview of the key themes in the new book "Global Liberation" edited by David Solnit, who visited Red Emma's book store and cafe October 19, 2004.

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Taking to the streets with the Million Worker March

A report on the Million Worker March and the later march in solidarity with striking hotel workers.


Commentary :: Labor

"Million Worker March" a Spirited Success

MWM.jpgOct. 17, 2004 was an historic day for Labor. The Million Worker March (MWM) brought a progressive blueprint for change to Washington, D.C. In front of the Lincoln Memorial, the organizers’ central message rang out loud and clear: “The Labor Movement will follow its own independent agenda to restore America!” They also blasted the AFC-CIO’s boss, John Sweeney, and his cronies, for boycotting the event.

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The Day After: Nov Three | Where to Be

Contingency plans are being made for a number of possible outcomes of the presidential election. Join others on Wednesday November 3 2004 at Center and Charles Streets 5pm, regardless of the outcome.

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Announcement :: Media

Oct. 13: Final Hearing on Public Access TV

Whose_TV_sm.jpgOctober 13, at City Hall, the key public hearing on the fate of Public Access TV in Baltimore will be held. Massive public display of interest is vital.

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