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Commentary :: Economy

Jobless America: Outsourcing Prosperity!

How can there be a so-called “economic recovery” without the creation of new jobs? Well, thanks to author, activist and social critic, Stanley Aronowitz, we now know the scheming Plutocrats have been able to “delink” the two. Speaking in Baltimore, MD, at Red Emma’s Coffeehouse, he detailed some of the means used to deprived workers in this country of their jobs. Outsourcing, of course, is only one of those Labor-bashing tactics.

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Commentary :: Activism

The Ehrlich Report

A personal look at political activism

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News :: Activism

Kathleen Cleaver speaks in Baltimore

Filling the Unity United Methodist Church, to almost capacity, a diverse crowd – young to old, black to white – experienced an evening with Kathleen Cleaver. Sponsored by the Partnership for Social Justice the event started at 8:00 o’clock. There was only a small crowd in church when the program began but by the time Ms. Cleaver took to the podium the crowd had grown immensely.


News :: Biotechnology

designer smallpox in this world of the bush coven

World Health Assembly to Consider Dangerous Genetic
Engineering Recommendations Beginning May 16th


Commentary :: Environment

Abandon Affluence

The party is still raging like mad. The drunks and the addicts and the gangs are sending out for more pizza, more booze, and more drugs and they are killing people to do it. Some of us are sobering up and waking up. We are starting to see the damage that has been done and we are whispering to each other, “We have to kick the criminals out”.


Commentary :: Crime & Police

Running From Robert Rudolph

The recent sentencing of Eric Robert Rudolph calls into question some of the ideological underpinnings of our current administration.

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News :: War in Iraq

War on One's Conscience

Ever Since the invasion of Iraq, I have tried to stay in touch with friends sent to war. This became especially important after the death of David Branning in the re-invasion of Fallujah this past November. He was a former Baltimore resident and the best friend of my highschool running buddy.


News :: Gender and Sexuality

Remembrances of a Domestic Violence Counselor

A short piece that finishes the series on Domestic and Sexual Violence. Written by a former counselor at a DV shelter in PA.


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