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Commentary :: Baltimore MD

The Abell Community Gestapo

Who ever thought giving away Free Stuff could make people SOOOOO angry?

A case of NIMBY?
A case of fear of "those people", a.k.a - people living in poverty?
A case of middle class liberal bullshit?

The Abell Community Gestapo - They Will Rule You!!!

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Commentary :: War in Iraq

Did the Bishops Make "A Devil's Pact" for Anti-Choice Judge?

During the very close 2004 presidential election, the Catholic Bishops did everything but officially endorse the ultra-War Hawk, George W. Bush, Jr. I suspect, but I can’t prove, that “a devil’s pact” was hatched between the clerics and the Bush-Cheney Gang. The clerics would push for Bush’s victory and he would oppose abortions and appoint an anti-choice judge to the Supreme Court at the first opportunity. Is John G. Roberts, Jr. that jurist?

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News :: Middle East

What is happening in Afghanistan

A local activist talks about her visits to Afghanistan and the condition of women


Commentary :: History

George Bush, our “Liar-in-Chief,” is Ignorant of History!

Baltimore’s patriots defeated the invading British forces in the War of 1812-1814, at Fort McHenry. Yesterday, President Bush, ranted at the Dundalk Marine Terminal, across the harbor from the fort, urging the renewal of the draconian Patriot Act. Bush is our “Liar-in-Chief” and he’s ignorant of history. What’s next? A surveillance device implanted in everyone’s head?

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : Europe : War in Iraq

London Calling Again

The recent London bombings reminds us that the West must become increasingly diligent in responding to the brazen nature of the perpetrators. And no matter how irrational their acts may be, how specious their logic as they attempt to link civilian deaths with military actions thousands of miles away, we must stop them before they lash out again. In doing so, we cannot lose faith in our principles. Democracy and civil and human rights must be preserved.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

The Ehrlich Report

A monthly column of political commentary. This month: democracy


Commentary :: War in Iraq

Ann Wright on the Follies of Bush’s War

Ann Wright.jpg
One of the unsung heroes of the opposition to the Iraqi War is Ann Wright. Rather than support the war, she resigned her position with the State Dept. on March 19, 2003. Ms. Wright, a career diplomat for over 16 years, who had also served in the military, believes the Downing Street Memos have plenty of ammunition in them to support impeachment proceeding against President George W. Bush and criminal charges against others in his administration.

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News :: Baltimore MD

Ballpark Workers Protest Peanut Wages

workers together.jpg
Over 100 Camden Yards Clean-Up Workers and Their Supporters Demanded that Angelos Keep His Word & Stop Paying the Workers “Peanuts for Poverty Wages”.

On June 17, 2005 the United Workers Association held a protest against Orioles owner Peter Angelos at Camden Yards. More than 100 United Workers Association members and their supporters threw “peanuts for poverty wages” at a model of Angelos and passed out peanuts to fans arriving for Friday’s game.

“Peter Angelos is a lying cheat, full of broken promises. He’s a cheating billionaire who says one thing and does another when it comes to ending poverty wages at the ballpark,” said James Riddick, a member of the United Workers Association.

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