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News :: Biotechnology

The Threat That is Fort Detrick

Fort Detrick in Frederick, Maryland is on its way to becoming the most dangerous developer and repository of chemical and biological weaponry--superbugs capable of cruel and mass deaths almost beyond imagination.

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Commentary :: Culture : History : Middle East : Military : U.S. Government

Shoot Me If You Can: A Soldier Reports Back From Iraq

U.S. Iraq war veteran Brian Turner's book of poetry "Here, Bullet" provides a sly, detailed look at the war in Iraq from a first-person participant. This important work of art in its own right transports the U.S. reader to sit, like a quiet bird passing through Iraq, on Turner's shoulder.

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

The Ehrlich Report

The Ehrlich Report is a monthly column of political sociological analysis. This month we look at the Peace Path.

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Commentary :: Baltimore MD

William Donald Schaefer Exits the Political Stage

In Maryland, on Tuesday, September 12, 2006, the people said in a loud voice that they have seen enough of William Donald Schaefer, the State’s Democratic Comptroller. He was defeated in his bid for reelection. For close to 50 years, Schaefer has been in public service, in jobs, like: Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland. During some of that time, he openly supported Bush I and Bush II. Schaefer's past, finally, caught up with him.

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News :: Activism : Baltimore MD : Civil & Human Rights : Class : Labor

UMBC workforce endures silently in the summer heat

While most of UMBC went into its quiet summer routine, about a hundred campus workers were left unemployed after Abacus lost its contract for janitorial services with the university.

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Review :: History : Middle East

Are There Any Women in Iraq?

Ilario Salucci's 'Peoples History of Iraq' focuses almost exclusively on the activities of the Iraq Communist Party (ICP) and is a powerful antidote to the patronizing orientalism many leftists and anti-war activists have towards Iraq. Through the lens of the ICP, Salucci shatters the illusion that Iraq is a backward, undeveloped society dominated exclusively by a reactionary political Islam without any substantial leftist history. Revealed is a society that grows from a British-installed monarchy with an agrarian economy, through a period of communist resistance to the monarchy and colonial exploitation that was interwoven with tribal and peasant uprisings, to the labor struggles of an emerging industrial proletariat centered on the oil industry. Read more...


Commentary :: Middle East

Neocons’ Middle East Scheme Is Backfiring

Back in 1996, a clique of Neocons, led by Richard Perle, concocted a scheme for Israel to “destabilize” the Middle East. The Palestinians were to be crushed and Iraq and Lebanon balkanized. The U.S. and UK were conned into doing the Neocons’ dirty work in Iraq. Now, Hezbollah fighters have tossed a huge wrench into the not-so-clever plot. Instead of Israel becoming “safer,” the Neocons have put its citizens at risk and its army in danger of defeat.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

The Ehrlich Report

A monthly commentary on politics and more. This month: class war


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